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At Great Point Studios, we take catering as seriously as film production.

At Great Point Studios, we take catering as seriously as film production. Our in-house commissary is equipped with a large commercial kitchen, ready to meet the culinary demands of multiple simultaneous productions with efficiency and artistry.

Premium catering is our hallmark, both in-studio and on location, thanks to our two mobile kitchens. Our experienced culinary team crafts each meal with fresh ingredients, ensuring timely delivery aligned with your production schedule. Dietary restrictions are never a problem but an opportunity for us to showcase our versatility and attentiveness to every individual’s needs.

Likewise, environmental responsibility is integral to our service. We are diligent in waste management, focusing on recycling and disposal practices that minimize our ecological footprint. Every step, from preparation to cleanup, is handled with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

If that weren’t enough, our craft services set us apart, offering a diverse selection of snacks designed to cater to every taste and preference. We are dedicated to keeping your team fueled and satisfied, making every snack break a culinary highlight.

Join us for a dining experience where quality, freshness, and environmental responsibility are served as the main course, complemented by a diverse menu tailored to meet and exceed every expectation.

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Facilities maintenance and repair

Upholding studio integrity with meticulous maintenance, adhering to all regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Studio operations

Addressing and resolving operational issues promptly to ensure continuous production flow.

Personnel and Logistics Operations

Supervising and coordinating all on-site cast and crew arrivals, departures, and parking while also managing all backlot operations, shipping, and receiving.

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