Great Point possesses a large grip rental inventory.  Our expansive inventory houses all the manufactured brands in tandem with a large selection of specialty items and expendables. We have worked with some of New York’s best grips to stock our inventory with the preferred choices of experienced professionals.  We guarantee the highest quality.  And if we don’t have what you want, we will get it over night.

Any questions contact:  Christina O’Shea Daly

More services

Coordinate and supervise

Onsite personnel arrivals and departures, onsite cast and crew parking, backlot operations, shipping and receiving.


Issue and monitor security credentials and access to each section of the studio.


Establish and monitor safe and hygienic work practices.


Provide a dedicated onsite shadow for each stage.

Facilities maintenance and repair

Our crews maintain the studio in accordance with sound management policies and applicable laws, codes and regulations.

Studio operations

Handle all studio issues that arise during the normal course of studio operations.

Additional & Specialist Services

Community Relations

Work proactively on issues of community impact and involvement. Provide leadership in local community and social events and programs. Resolve issues relating to traffic and local business disruptions.

Intern Program

Create, manage and coordinate local internship program. Work with clients to integrate program into real production opportunities. Administered in partnership with area colleges and universities.

Union Interface

Work with union representatives to ensure compliance. Permanent local presence will help with quick conflict resolution. Collaborate on acceptable health and hygiene protocol.