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Implementing robust security protocols for controlled, secure access to studio premises.

Your peace of mind is our priority at Great Point Studios, where security is not just a service but a cornerstone of our operations. We implement a robust security regime, meticulously designed to offer an environment where creativity and productivity flourish, unencumbered by safety concerns.

A skilled team of uniformed guards stands as the first line of defense, their expertise complemented by a network of advanced electronic systems. Video surveillance, motion detection, and universal pass card access management all ensure round-the-clock security, safeguarding every corner of the premises.

At Great Point, adaptability is ingrained in our security approach. Our onsite team is equipped and ready to scale, ensuring customized security solutions that align with operations of varied magnitudes and complexities. Remote sensing and monitoring systems extend our vigilance beyond physical boundaries, a watchful eye coordinated seamlessly with local law enforcement agencies.

Venturing off campus for on-location shoots? Our field package is engineered to replicate the stringent security ecosystem of our in-house operations. Regardless of where your creativity leads, the unwavering shield of Great Point’s security offers a sanctuary where artistry is unshackled, and focus remains undivided.

At Great Point Studios, security extends beyond physical safety.  Our unwavering commitment to fire safety and the overall health and well-being of every individual on set and at the studio is paramount. In a world reshaped by COVID-19, we have meticulous protocols, ensuring our premises as a haven where safety is innate and assured. This steadfast approach ensures that the vibrancy of creativity and innovation flows freely, unimpeded by concerns of health and safety.

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Facilities maintenance and repair

Upholding studio integrity with meticulous maintenance, adhering to all regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Studio operations

Addressing and resolving operational issues promptly to ensure continuous production flow.

Personnel and Logistics Operations

Supervising and coordinating all on-site cast and crew arrivals, departures, and parking while also managing all backlot operations, shipping, and receiving.

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