Great Point’s security regime combines uniformed guards with advanced electronic systems, including video surveillance, motion detection and universal pass card access management, ensuring 24-hour protection.

Designed in concert with comprehensive health and hygiene protocols as well as fire safety planning, our security program guarantees the safest, most worry-free work environment possible. Onsite security adjusts seamlessly to safeguard operations of any size and scope.  Remote sensing and monitoring in coordination with local law enforcement means our area of security extends well beyond the studio’s brick-and-mortar boundaries.

Additionally, our field package offers clients flexibility to run production on-location anywhere, while relying upon the same exacting level of security as in-house operations.

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Facilities maintenance and repair

Maintain studios in accordance with sound management policies and applicable laws, codes and regulations.

Studio operations

Manage all studio issues that arise during the normal course of studio operations

Personnel and Logistics Operations

Coordinate and supervise on-site personnel arrivals and departures, on-site cast and crew parking, backlot operations, shipping and receiving


Issue and monitor security credentials and access to each studio.

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Equipment Rental

Catering & Craft Services

Cleaning & Health Focus