Buffalo, NY

In a city already known for its cost-effective production environment, our new Buffalo studio is tailored for the creation of high-quality, budget-friendly features, TV movies and series. Buffalo’s appeal is enhanced by a generous 40% tax rebate, making it a preferred choice for producers globally.


Our Buffalo complex is purpose-built for speed and efficiency without compromising on quality. Every aspect of the studio is engineered to facilitate swift production timelines, ensuring that creative projects transition from concepts to screen with ease.  With its highly skilled crew and talent pool, diverse and picturesque locations, and particularly its affordability, Buffalo is not only cost-effective but also offers a unique aesthetic appeal, especially for holiday movies where a touch of snow adds a magical allure. Buffalo is the perfect place to film television movies and series.

  • A tax incentive plan that provides for a 40% rebate
  • Buffalo offers a large crew and talent pool
  • Buffalo offers a variety of exceptional locations
  • Buffalo is a superb place to make holiday movies
  • Production costs are very low in Buffalo
  • The new studio will create the opportunity for fast and efficient production

More information on NY State tax credits

StageSQ. FT.
Stage 120,000
Stage 25,000
Stage 35,000

40% Tax Credit for Production work and 45% for Post-production work

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01MILL SPACE 11,000

studio details

  • Access to best-in-class studio facility for productions in desirable Buffalo location
  • 20,000 sq ft studio with a permanent lighting grid
  • A height of 40 ft to the grid
  • Sound-proofing of NC30 or better
  • Sufficient HVAC and power to operate without supplemental units
  • 7 dressing rooms, each with private bathrooms and showers
  • 40% Tax Credit for Production work and 45% for Post-production work
  • Studio space is renting at a premium
  • Our studio has everything producers need to make high quality film and television

On-site Services

One 20,000 & two 5,000 square-foot stages

All stages 30 feet or higher to the grid

Soundproofed to NC-30

4800 amps of power per stage

Fully-equipped carpentry areas

Loading dock for four trucks per stage

Broadcast capable

Grip and electric equipment on site

Editing facilities on site

Restaurants on site


Address: 1155 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14213

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