Cardiff, Wales

Bridging heritage and innovation, our Cardiff studio combines cinematic royalty with modern innovation. Formerly a Pinewood facility, it now stands as Great Point Studios’ latest expansion, offering 200,000 square feet of stages and support spaces. With four existing stages and another four under development, it promises a blend of tradition and modern facilities, set against the backdrop of Wales’ iconic vistas and just a stone’s throw from London.

About our Studios in Cardiff, Wales

Situated in the picturesque city of Cardiff, our studio marries the storied legacy of a former Pinewood facility with the forward-thinking innovation of Great Point Studios. Spanning 200,000 square feet, the studio offers a harmonious blend of well-established and newly constructed spaces designed to cater to the diverse needs of contemporary film and television production.

Within this expansive facility, creators will discover eight state-of-the-art stages, with half already operational and the remainder slated for completion soon. Each stage is supported by a comprehensive suite of amenities including mill space, a scenic dock, and dedicated production office suites, ensuring that every project benefits from a seamless production experience.

Set amidst Wales’ iconic landscapes and in close proximity to London, the studio not only offers a premier production environment but also ensures easy access to a diverse array of spectacular filming locations.

At our Cardiff studio, the past, present, and future of filmmaking unite, offering a unique environment where creative visions are nurtured, and cinematic dreams realized.

StageSQ. FT.
Stage 121,000OPEN
Stage 219,200OPEN
Stage 316,000OPEN
Stage 416,500OPEN
Stage 5 20,000Late 2024
Stage 6 20,000Late 2024
Stage 7 23,000Late 2024
Stage 8 17,000Late 2024

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Studio Highlights

  • Four existing stages (with four more under construction)
  • Mill space and scenic dock
  • Production office suites
  • Abundant crew and truck parking
  • Loading docks
  • Spectacular locations nearby
  • Close to London


Address: Great Point Seren Studios, Wentloog Avenue, Saint Mellons, Cardiff CF3 2GH, UK

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