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Great Point Studios is expanding its presence in Yonkers with the development of a new 30-acre site located near Riverdale, NY. This project underscores our ongoing commitment to fostering both creative and community growth.

About our STAGES

The campus will feature a 300,000 square-foot studio, equipped with the latest in technology and production facilities, purpose-built for efficiency and smooth productions. As with our existing campuses, environmental responsibility is at the forefront of our design, incorporating proven green initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.


StageSq. Ft
Stage 1330,000
Stage 1420,000
Stage 1520,000
Stage 1620,000
Stage 1710,000

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In a significant move to give back to the Yonkers community, we are also building a new high school on the premises, leased to the City of Yonkers. The school will emphasize media and performing arts education, serving as a nurturing ground for aspiring young talents and future filmmakers.

Our new campus is not just an expansion but a testament to our unwavering commitment to the community, environment, and the continual evolution of creative production.

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